Tension Headache Quick Remedy For Busy People

There is nothing as mentally exhausting and mind bogging as a tension headache. Tension headache is one of the most common modern health issues we face today. It affects our well-being, our productivity in our work, and even our social existence. After a headache attack us we feel so mentally drained and physically exhausted. Stress and anxiety are usually the causes for tension headaches. The moment one gets tense about something, one develops a tension headache. Insufficient sleep, anxiety, problems, and worries are the main tension headache symptoms that give rise to the tension headache.

Now whatever is the cause or nature of tension headache, it is definitely preventable. There is no need to endure the pain when you really have an option. Following are some tension headache remedies that you can use and you will be amazed to find that the prevention and solution is actually in your hands.

An effective technique for reducing tension headaches is to tighten muscles in the head, neck, and jaw for five to ten seconds, and then release them. You may find that you will be able to achieve a deeper level of relaxation from this simple exercise. This exercise will helps to make the muscles more flexible to tension cause by stress and exhaustion and hence reduce pain.

There are important acupressure points at the temples that are often effective for relieving tension. Place four fingers along both temples, and do circular massaging motion. Massage for a minute every time you have a tension headache. There are also a lot of invaluable acupressure points that can release tension when they are pressed firmly. Try searching your head and neck for hot points that is points that seem to be sensitive to pressure. Press them for at least five seconds, relax for five seconds, and repeat several times.

Next try to roll your pillow into a log shape and place it under the neck with your head hanging over the edge. Roll your head back and forth, and also let it hang over the edge of the pillow while you relax. If this is done at the beginning of a tension headache, it can sometimes prevent it from getting worse cefalea verona mal di testa.

When you are working at your desk, make sure you are sitting straight as improper posture can stress neck and back muscles. If your office desk, the seat in your care, or any chair in your house does not give you good support, do something about it. Also the cool-white fluorescent lights, which are commonly used in office, can give people headache. Ask your employer to help enhance worker health and productivity by replacing these bulbs with full-spectrum lighting.

Lastly, try not to drink too much coffee as it is known to cause tension headache in many people. Instead try herbal tea as it can help you to relax. You can try a combination of chamomile and skullcap, or hops and peppermint, or chamomile and rosemary and wood betony.

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