Stylish Garage Doors

If you are the Jones’s or simply trying to keep up with them, garage doors are quickly becoming an integral part of America’s homes. Homeowners are becoming savvier when selecting the ‘right’ garage door for their home. The garage door has always been a functional concern but style is now a major factor. A growing trend in modern architecture is to use doors as the focal of a home’s facade. As this trend continues to grow more and more design options are becoming available. Curb appeal is at the top of the list when it comes to a home’s value. A expertly designed facade with a fashionable garage door can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of the house.

The Carriage House Garage Door is back in style! A century ago horses and buggies were kept in the carriage house. Those carriage house doors were a set of barn doors that swung outwards using strap hinges. Many styles of houses call for this old world look. Currently Garage door manufacturers are producing garage doors that appear like old carriage house doors. Theses doors reflect the impression of the yesteryear with the advantages of modern technology. Carriage house garage doors roll overhead in tracks and are sectional. In other words they work the same as any standard garage door but look like they swing out. Carriage house garage doors are made out of a variety of materials including steel, wood and composites.

There are many different styles of Carriage House Garage Doors available today. Consider this old school look when you are selecting your new door. Glass garage doors are also very popular for today’s contemporary style homes. They are garage doors made out of glass panels with an aluminum frame. They can accentuate the sleek lines of a contemporary style house as well as allow plenty of natural light into your garage. Use them for a great transition to indoor/outdoor spaces such as a room with glass doors that opens up to an outdoor patio. The glass and frame are available in a numerous colors. Of course, if you have a 90210 zip code and you’d like to show off your vintage Ferraris clear glass would be an ideal choice garage door service Renton.

As every home product on the market is ‘going green’ you can be sure garage doors are as well. Well insulated doors can provide energy savings. Doors with high R. value will trap heat in your home and block cooler air from coming in. The garage is the largest open area to in the house this can make a significant difference in your utility bills. ‘Going green’ also applies to manufacturing materials. There are doors available today that are made with as much as 75% recycled materials. If you skateboard to work or use a fuel efficient car now because you just got to be “green” consider a door that is energy efficient. When installing a new garage door, homeowners need to be alert to the restrictions governing many neighborhoods.

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