Feel The Heat With Latest Cricket Scores

Catching up with the cricket matches is not feasible and practically possible these days due to the lack of time as every one has a schedule to match up with. Actually, with various cricket tournaments taking place, nobody wants to miss a single action of a match and especially the latest cricket scores. In fact, fans start making preparations weeks ahead to watch their favorite game without any hassle. However, at times luck and circumstances do not favor and plans fail but thanks to the advancement of information technology that one can feel the magic even if he or she has missed the live action Who Will Win.

It has become easy to follow the match even after it gets over, thanks to the high-tech inventions that we can get ample of information about on the latest cricket scores without even watching the match. Well watching a cricket match is something that every cricket lover enjoys but unfortunately, when there are important things to do then we have to rely on various mediums that are available to get the latest cricket scores. It is very difficult for the cricket followers to constrain themselves from watching the match, but due to the advent of technology it has become possible. One of the most reliable and easily accessible medium is the internet, as one can log into various websites that are dedicated towards fulfilling the needs of the users. In fact, the web is the best medium to get the latest cricket scores.

The web has made things easier for cricket fans like us. In fact, internet gives us access to innumerable cricket sites that help us to stay updated with the latest cricket scores. In addition, these websites also facilitates in gathering information on the on going game and the players. The best thing about the latest cricket scores through the Internet is that one can be anywhere and still can get ample of information on the match that is being played at the click of a button.

The other mediums that are available are news channels and other sports programs that are telecasted or broadcasted throughout the live match are again a good source of getting the latest cricket scores. The news channels keep on flashing the latest cricket scores every hour and this helps cricket fans to stay updated with the match. Information on latest cricket scores can also be gathered through the mobile phones.

In fact, the cellular service providers additionally help cricket fans to subscribe to the latest cricket scores and to the latest cricket happenings. Once one has registered oneself to this service, the network provider makes it a point to send messages on the latest cricket scores. This is another good way of keeping oneself glued to the match and living the excitement through various mediums and still stay connected without watching the match. In fact, the high-tech is indeed a boon for all cricket lovers and cricket fans whose lives are dedicated to cricket and latest cricket scores.

Facts About Dengue That You Should Know About

One of the most deadly diseases in the world is dengue, which already killed millions in the population all around the world. It is a virus which Aedes mosquitoes spread by biting a person and another until everyone is affected. Dengue is deadly if people are oblivious of what it is capable of, killing people, even children, without mercy. Awareness is the only defense people can have so here are helpful facts about this fast-spreading disease:

* Dengue starts with a fever ranging to 39-40° C and lasts for 5 to 7 days. People infected also experiences nausea/vomiting, rashes ELISA Kits, body aches and extreme headaches. Sometimes, the fever would go down after three days but would resurface again.

* People with dengue who are not so severe yet can even be treated at home; they just need plenty of fluids, nutritious foods and a lot of bed rest. Oral Rehydration Salt which is used on diarrhea cases should also be taken, with enough intakes of fluids. If the fever persisted, it is advisable to consult a physician or bring the patient to the hospital for further medication. If the patient is just suspecting dengue from the fever, physicians can use tests (e.g. Elisa Kits, etc.) to ascertain the cause of the disease. If it is indeed dengue, then the patient should be given the right treatment and medications at once.

* Death can be the outcome for other dengue patients because of the Dengue Shock Syndrome. It doesn’t apply on all of the patients, and it can be avoided with proper treatment and caution. Everyone should be vigilant when it comes to dengue cases, as the only way to save lives is the right treatment and attention.

* Mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus bites only during day time, peak hours are before sunrise and sunset. People can avoid this by using electric vapor mats or mosquito coils. They can also use mosquito nets during bedtime to avoid bites, especially for the children. Wearing sleeved shirts also helps, as well as pants. Prevention is always a solution.

* There are many ways to prevent dengue, and destroying the breeding places of the mosquitoes is one of them. Remove stagnant water from tires, bottles, plastic bags and cans. If there are nowhere for them to breed, then their numbers will lessen and thus, the carriers of the virus will lessen as well. General cleaning from every house or all over the community can save many lives and prevent the virus from spreading. Every disease can be deadly in its own way but it can always be prevented if only people would be aware of their responsibility to the community and to their family.

A virus can be a serious threat to the world but just like dengue, vigilance can be the answer for its extinction. People should know what to do before, during and after dengue breakouts. We shouldn’t panic and let fear ruin our mindsets to think clearly and realize what we need to do to survive and surpass a disease. Also, our hospitals need to be prepared for anything. They need to be fully equipped on any disease that might resurface anytime, anywhere. Hospitals should have their own tools to aid patients immediately, as for dengue, they should have enough beds, dextrose, medications, test tools such as Elisa Kits to determine if the patient is suffering from dengue, and many other. A threat will only be a threat if we won’t do anything to defeat it, and as for diseases like the dengue virus, being prepared and aware is the solution for the problem.


The Top 5 Forgotten N64 Games

The N64 was not the finest hour for Nintendo. The decision to stick with cartridges not only made games for the system more expensive, but also forced some publishers to take their games to PlayStation knowing that the CD format was cheaper to use and allowed them more storage. One of the most famous games to abandon Nintendo due to the hardware limitations of cartridges was, of course, Final Fantasy VII. The seventh instalment in the JRPG franchise went on to be a massive hit and was almost single-handedly responsible for selling the first PlayStation to Japanese gamers. The rest, as they say, is history Onhax.

But the N64 is remembered for more than dodgy hardware decisions and a somewhat ridiculous controller. The system is remembered for some stellar games, too. GoldenEye was hugely important for consoles as one of the first console FPS games fully embraced by the mainstream. Ocarina of Time took the familiar Zelda formula and applied it expertly to three dimensions, with the game often featuring alongside the aforementioned Final Fantasy VII when having conversations about the greatest games of all time. And of course there was Mario 64, which effectively showed the world just how good 3D platform games could be.

As any comedian will tell you, they can’t all be zingers, though. For one reason or another, not every game makes the splash that it really ought to. Some are destined to be underrated. Some cult classics. And others to be nothing more than a name that you struggle to get off the tip of your tongue when talking with your friends.

With that in mind, here’s the top 5 forgotten N64 games.


Gamers that owned the original PlayStation will likely wax lyrical about a little game called Metal Gear Solid. It was one of the first console stealth-action games to really make an impact on the mainstream market, and after the success of the first Solid game the series became an important flagship for the PlayStation console. What few gamers remember though, is that the N64 had a stealth-action game of its own though in WinBack. Featuring ahead-of-its-time cover based shooting and some not-quite-MGS stealth mechanics, WinBack was a great game that was sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time. Metal Gear Solid went on to be one of the biggest series’ in gaming, and WinBack went on to be number 5 in our forgotten N64 games list.


Tetris is a hugely important game. One of the best selling titles of all time, and one that was a massive money-spinner for Nintendo on Game Boy, the ultra-popular puzzle game so successfully transcended the gaming medium that it’s up there with Pac-Man and Pong in the list of games that even your Grandpa has heard of. One thing Gramps almost certainly won’t have heard of though, is Tetrisphere. Just like you might have figured out from the name, Tetrisphere was essentially Tetris played, well, on a sphere. Eschewing all notions of the idea that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, Tetrisphere was one of the few games that managed to put a new spin on an old classic and not leave everyone involved red faced.

Blast Corps

Blast Corps was a game of little finesse. There’s no elaborate story to follow. There’s no emotional connection to characters. There are no delusions of grandeur. This is a game in which you drive trucks through cities and suburbs and smash them up real good. And that’s about it. The trucks never handled particularly well, and the forced repetition of levels could certainly grate, but there was something incredibly satisfying about reducing a city to rubble using just one little truck.

The New iPhone 4 – How Much Will It Cost You

The new iPhone 4 has been the rave of many. In fact, since its initial announcement early this year, many have been anticipating and eyeing to get one as soon as possible. I even remembered one long line going to different Apple Stores days prior to its release. Some even camped for weeks just to have this most coveted phone.

This nifty gadget has many incredible features that you haven’t seen yet in other phones in the market. As a matter of fact, Apple has revolutionized many things for this phone as it will serve as a conclusion to their iPhone series. With such features, it is quite evident that the price in itself is higher if we are to compare it with other available phones in the market. The real concern here is just how much you will probably spend in getting your new iPhone4 http://www.risparmioweb.eu

In order to have the phone itself in the lowest price possible, you can opt to sign up for a two year contract with AT&T. In addition, if you happen to be a new customer to them you can get this phone for subsidized prices. This also applies to old AT&T customers who wish to upgrade. The price varies in accordance to the memory you are getting. For a 16GB iPhone 4 which you can choose either black or white which you can get it at $199 and $299 for the 32GB counterpart.

For AT&T subscribers who are ineligible for a handset and even an upgrade, they can have this early upgrade option. This is still subject to an automatic two year contract with them. The 16GB iPhone 4 under this agreement can be purchased at $399 and for the 32GB would be $499. Should you wish not to be tied up with the two year service contract of AT&T, you will get an iPhone with a much higher price. It would be $599 for the 16GB iPhone 4 and the 32GB would be $699.

When purchasing an iPhone under a service agreement, you are required to get a voice plan, a data plan and also a text messaging plan. DataPlus is at $15 per month that enables you to access 200MB worth of data. The DataPro option is priced $10 higher than the DataPlus with 2GB of accessible data. Voice plans are partitioned into three in accordance to the number of desired talk hours. $69.99 for the unlimited option, $59.99 for 900 minutes and $39.99 intended for 450 voice minutes. Text plans are also priced based on the number of messages. The price ranges from $20 for the unlimited option, $15 for 1500 messages and $5 for 200 messages.

With all these prices and different services you must get from a specific provider, I bet you really need to save a lot in order to have an iPhone 4 of yours. Nonetheless there are various means and ways that you can implore to get an iPhone for free. However, you must be really resourceful to find one legitimate site on the Internet and it must be the real deal.

The iPhone 4 truly sets the trend in all phones available in the market. No wonder its price is really high because its features for one are outstanding. If you feel you don’t have the money to spend for all of these, there are still methods you can apply in order to get your iPhone absolutely free.

Your Salary Is Not Enough: Get a Used Car Loan

When you first started earning your own cash, you had the power to buy anything you wanted. You probably shopped for gadgets or clothes, or even bought a new pair of shoes you have been eyeing for a month. Sooner or later, you would probably start thinking of buying something more useful, yet expensive, like a car. Buying a car, however, would not be possible only through your salary. Applying for a loan, such as a used car loan, would be your best option.

It is a fact that not everyone has enough money to buy a car with their salary alone. To buy one, it is either they have another source of income or have saved up all their lives. There is another way though, through a new or used car loan. People would likely prefer to buy a brand new car than a used one; however, because of the current situation, selecting a used car is a wise and practical decision Car Equity Loans Orlando.

Used auto loans in a nutshell

Availing used car loans gives people a chance to purchase a car without being harassed of high interest rates and installment fees compared to applying for a new car loan. It is suitable for people who are on a tight budget but are responsible enough to pay their debts. When buying a car, you have to be realistic about what you can afford or not. Used auto loans are secure ways of purchasing a car you need despite the low salary or budget.

Auto loan process online

Go online and you will find many auto loan dealerships which offer new and used auto loans, auto loans for people with bad credit, or refinance car loan. Finding a lender online is convenient and fast because you can compare rates from various lenders by asking for free quotes on their rates. This will help you find great terms and deals you can work with. Once you have found a reliable company, fill out their secured application form with your details to assess your request.

These online companies usually take a few hours to a few days to assess your application. This method is rather fast compared to traditional process of car loans you get from banks and credit unions. Some companies can even get you approved of a loan within minutes. After getting approved, you can choose the car you want depending on the limitations set for you and soon enough, you will be driving your own car.

How to Pin Down a Hacking Cyber Crook

If you’re not exactly an expert on programming and information technology, don’t expect to catch a hacker because chances are, you won’t. This is someone who knows what he’s doing, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to cheat sophisticated systems. Also, he’s probably thought of every common method that non-experts will likely use to pin him down, so don’t waste your time. Instead, if your system ever ends up being hacked and you’re positive you’ve stored your personal information there such as your usernames and passwords for your credit and bank accounts, inform the concerned authorities immediately. This way, they can freeze transactions using your details and damage will be avoided or kept to a minimum free robux generator.

While you may not be able to catch a hacker in the act, you can look into some important clues that you can submit to police. For example, if the crook attacked you system through an email attachment, then you’re in luck because it’s considerably easy to track the source as long as you haven’t junked the email. Just click on “Display extended header data” or anything that says the same. Most hackers use a local e-mail server which means header data will probably display an IP address, host and domain name.

Some attacks come as an ongoing process and you’ll definitely find them much more difficult to trace. You’re going to have to rely on your logs, though, if your you’ve programmed your system to store such. If you do have logs, examine them and look out for particularly suspicious activity at the time you suspected you were being hacked. If you don’t get anything useful, you can have your ISP do the tracking. They have their own logs and can easily scan these logs upon request. When you do get an IP address, search for information about the owner of that address through applicable websites dedicated to identifying owners behind IPs. And then it’s best for you to get as much details as possible about this person who appears to have attacked your system. And don’t forget to note down the exact time it happened.

When you have at least an IP address, host and domain name, you can present these to the police or the FBI and have your complaint processed at the soonest time. What they’ll probably do is freeze the hacker’s account initially and make him pay legally with a trial and a penalty as prescribed by the state in which the hacking occurred. In other words, there remains the option of prosecuting that hacker.

If you suffered losses as a result of the attack and have received a full refund, you may not want to have anything to with prosecuting the hacker. However, this can send all the wrong signals to every hacker in the world. They ‘ve probably already started to believe they’ll never have to pay for their crimes and this is a very scary scenario. For the sake of avoiding similar attacks, either against you or other people, it’s important to sacrifice a little of our precious to make it clear that hacking is a serious crime and perpetrators will be penalized.

Faith Centered Leadership: Game Changer

A simple act…
An interesting project…
A problem to be solved…
A wish to be granted…

Something you did that started small. You followed your interests and desires, taking one step that turned in to two, four, twelve, fifty or one hundred steps. You didn’t realize the significance of that first act, nor that it was rooted in a deeper desire or passion. All of your steps prior to this time prepared you for this moment, even when the path was circuitous, hilly, and filled with signs that said “Stop”, “Yield”, or “Caution”. Yet it brought you to the point of influencing the lives of many others; changing the way people approach a problem, learn or behave; or freeing them to accomplish their goals. Like a rock tossed into the ocean can ripple into a wave on the other side of the ocean, your simple act flourished and thrived into a movement, a game changer. You changed the rules of operation Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Prediction, and disrupted the normal system with a positive impact.

The Khan Academy

Salman Khan is an example of this. Khan is the founder of The Khan Academy, a company with over 3,600 brief free instructional videos on topics including math, science, computer science, finance and economics, humanities and standardized test prep, designed to help students of all ages learn about these topics at their own pace. According to a recent article in Forbes, over the past two years Khan’s videos have had 200 million views. There are currently 6 million unique students per month who visit the site, and over 750 million problems have been solved over the past several years. As a non-profit organization, they’re supported by foundations and individuals such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, venture capitalist John and Ann Doerr, the O’Sullivan Foundation, Reed Hastings, Google, and the Windsong Trust. Khan has pledged that the company will not go public despite the urgings of several venture capitalists who see the potential for significant profit.

It all started out when Khan began posting YouTube videos to facilitate tutoring sessions with his cousins. Even though his video viewing audience grew to tens of thousands each day, he still looked at this as a hobby. He grew up poor in Louisiana raised by his mother and was mathematically gifted. He gained acceptance to MIT, completed an M.B.A. from Harvard and became a hedge fund analyst. During this time he supported his wife through her medical training while caring for his baby son. He quit his job when he realized the impact his videos had on helping students learn. Khan continued working on videos in a bedroom closet for ten months until Ann Doerr wrote him his first check for $100,000. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now with a $7 million budget, and a staff of 37 people headquartered in Silicon Valley, Khan is changing the education game. His ability to reach millions of students cheaply via the internet using inexpensive tablets (particularly important in developing nations), on a wide range of subjects is generating a growth spurt in online education. Khan Academy has proof of the efficacy of their teaching videos, and the global reach to provide high quality education for a small fraction of usual costs. Other universities and faculty members have similar results as courses at Harvard and Stanford offered online drew well over 100 thousand students each and provided a quality of learning equal to what they would have received in the classroom. According to the Forbes article, Khan has a vision for radically changing the education system of the future, and is referred to as “the most impactful educator in the world”. All this, even though he’s not a traditional educator by training.

Starting a Bike Rental Business

When you want to start a business, a rental bike can be one great option of many alternatives that you can choose from. Since biking now becomes more and more popular activity, having bike rental business will potentially lead you to earn a lot of money. If you are interested to run this kind of business, you can check out the following information about starting a bike rental business.

The first thing that you need to consider before you run this profitable business is to look for the biking area which is mostly used by many bikers. Try to choose the strategic area near the biking area so that the bikers will be easier to find your rental store GoldCoast Bike Hire.

Secondly, you have to buy several units of bicycles including the accessories like helmet, glasses, and other equipments that support the unit. Make sure that bicycles you are going to buy are surely in good condition. It is better for you to buy new bicycles so that you can get guarantee of quality. Besides, you have to make sure that all your bicycles are safely to ride.

Thirdly, you need to determine the price rate to rent your bicycles. Do not offer too expensive price that can make customers think hundred times to come to your bike rental. You can try to compare the price among other bike rentals and make an average price so that you will meet the normal price of it.

Lastly, you need to advertise your rental. You can make brochure or poster which contains the name, location, phone number, and services offered of your bike rental. Do not forget to add picture of bicycles you want to rent. Make your advertisement to be more attractive so that customers will be fascinated to come to your bike rental. Good luck!

Does Instagram Work for Network Marketing Companies?

Does Instagram work for network marketing companies? Great question! Some people are very serious about building their business offline but are not sure if this social media platform will be helpful.

Instagram is a very powerful tool to use to grow your network marketing company. People think in pictures and when you have social media at your fingertips you will be able to use this platform to get more people to pay attention to you.

Promote Your Product

If you have visual products, you can use product pictures to promote and showcase your products and their benefits. You may even want to post some photos of yourself using the products and videos are great as well arab instagram likes.

Let People Get to Know You

Another thing that Instagram is great at doing is helping people get to know you better and the most important thing to do is building that know, like and trust factor. The way that you get the know, like and trust factor is to let people into your world.

Instagram is great at letting people into your world because you’ll be able to showcase things that happen in your life, things that you want to share with people, etc. All of these things allow people to get to know you better and we all know that we do business with people that we want to do business with due to the fact that we like and trust.

Using Instagram to build your business is a no-brainer because there are so many people that are on that platform and when you have something interesting to share with them, they will be glad to take a look.

World’s Coolest Beach Hotels

Stretches of unspoiled white sand, shady palm trees, sparkling turquoise seas – beach holidays are still the most popular way to escape from it all!

Here are the 10 top spots to pose in your Chanel swimsuit with a cocktail in your hand; the coolest beach hotels in the world.

1. W Retreat and Spa, Maldives

One of the world’s premier chains, W Hotels have truly outdone themselves at their Maldives retreat. Set on a private island, it’s a favourite hideaway for VIPs. From the infinity pool to the six lavish dining options and designer cocktails at UMbar, this luxury hotel is the epitome of beachside chic.

2. Albergo della Regina Isabella, Ischica, Italy

Ischica has been famed for centuries for its thermal baths and, with one of the best spas in Europe, the Regina Isabella has become a home from home for the cream of Italian high society. Opulent, hand-carved furnishings and soft sorbet shades compliment the old-fashioned elegance of the island setting Boiçucanga Pousada Toca do Capitão.

3. Aleenta Phuket – Phang Nga, Thailand

Luxurious villas and a long stretch of private beach make the Aleenta Phuket an idyllic place to indulge. In every room, pre-programmed iPods keep guests entertained with the latest tunes. Nearby, the Phang Nga National Park is home to many of the world’s best dive sites.

4. The Chedi, Muscat, Oman

Oman might not be the first place that springs to mind for luxury beach hotels, but everything about The Chedi is fashionable. The emphasis on clean lines and exquisite gardens add to the oasis calm. For party-lovers, there are complimentary (and refillable) decanters of gin, whisky and vodka in each room.

5. Four Seasons Resort, Maui, Hawaii

Both the Four Seasons and Maui conjure up images of Hollywood stars sipping champagne, and this lavish hotel doesn’t disappoint. Smooth service, seaside massages and free diving keep the iconic resort a firm favourite.

6. Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte, Salvador, Brazil

Eco-chic is hot on the celebrity scene right now, and this sumptuous hideaway offers sophistication, Ocean views and a five-star spa – all with a clean conscience.

7. El Hotel Pacha, Ibiza, Spain

Long a by-word for cutting-edge music, Pacha has the world’s coolest clubbing clientele. This minimalist suite-only hotel is a stone’s throw from the super club and includes free entry.

8. Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa Hotel, French Polynesia

Stranded on a tiny tropical island in the South Pacific, the Bora Bora Nui Resort is breath-taking from the moment of arrival. Refined service draws in the cream of the paradise-seekers.

9. Cap Estel, Cote d’Azur, France

The top hotel on the star-studded French Rivera, Cap Estel is so outrageously trendy that it looks like a set from a James Bond movie.

10. Floris Suite Hotel, Netherlands Antilles

Oozing elegant style, this luxury escape in the Dutch Caribbean is a top spot for hip urbanites. Philippe Stark’s design brings New York cool to the minimalist interior.