Aerosol Degreaser – 4 Degreasers That Supply Excessive Grade Aerosol Degreasing

When corporations purchase business degreaser, they sometimes purchase barrels of undiluted degreaser to be used in spraying, wiping, vapor degreasing, or energy washing functions. However there are additionally instances when degreaser is required in aerosol type, notably for degreasing delicate components that are not match for components washing programs and dielectric degreasing. Under, we listing 4 varieties of aerosol degreaser that corporations commonly flip to when their degreasing wants require business degreasers in aerosol type.


POSITRON is an industrial, orange-based, aerosol degreaser that qualifies as an ultra-high purity dielectric solvent. Not like hydrocarbon/terpene blends beforehand used to exchange 1,1,1 trichloroethane and CFC-113, POSITRON dries extra quickly with out inflicting moisture condensation issues. POSITRON reveals a low odor due to its patented distillation methodology. POSITRON’s different advantages embody: non-toxicity, aggressive degreasing motion, ultra-low residue, no emission of Hazardous Air Pollution (HAPs), no SARA or RCRA listed components, and a excessive dielectric energy of 48,000 volts in ASTM D-877 take a look at procedures.


ELECTRON is an environmentally most well-liked dielectric solvent that achieves excessive degreasing energy with out being formulated with chlorinated solvents or different poisonous supplies. Drawing its energy from a high-grade oil distillate, ELECTRON can be utilized on all electrical apparatuses to take away grease, gas oil, carbon, and natural resins, and can be utilized with out in depth protecting tools. ELECTRON’s different advantages embody: no water containment, no residue, no hazardous components as outlined by the EPA, no floor leakage of present in quick residue exams, no OSHA PEL or ACGIH listed components, and a excessive dielectric energy of 46,000 volts in ASTM D-877 take a look at procedures Ontvetter van Huchem.


SELECT FREE is a non-flammable, halogenated contact cleaner that makes a perfect alternative for CFC-113. Not like most CFC-free options, SELECT FREE has no flashpoint. Along with proudly owning a dielectric energy of 32,000 volts, SELECT FREE evaporates immediately, leaving no residue.

ECOLINK 3005 (A)

ECOLINK 3005 is a zero VOC (Risky Natural Compound) contact cleaner that makes a perfect alternative for HCFC-141b based mostly contact cleaners. Whereas many contact cleaners include excessive alcohol ranges, ECOLINK 3005 evaporates shortly with out using alcohol, leaving no residue. ECOLINK 3005’s different advantages embody: no flashpoint, non-conductivity, conformance to Boeing D6-17487 Revision P, and compatibility with plastics, digital elements, and different crucial surfaces.

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