Activities for Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Every year on the third Monday in January, citizens of the United States celebrate Martin Luther King Day. As a teacher or home school parent, you can take advantage of this by teaching civil rights to your students. Along with this, you should emphasize how much Martin Luther King Jr. meant to the civil rights movement and how his legacy has stuck with the nation over the years. Because of Martin Luther King, Jr. the entire country has become more tolerant of the cultures of others.

Teachers and home school parents can educate your students about one of the great civil rights leaders of our time with these Activities for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

Mapping Martin Luther King Jr.

With this activity, your students will discover many places in the life of the famous Dr. King. From his birth place to his famous speech to his final resting place his passion and activism made a big difference in the lives of millions of people. By mapping where he went during his life, your students will get a better feel for who he is and where he came from.

This activity is best for students in grades 3-8. Children can participate in pairs, small groups, or individually.

The first thing is to have the children use a variety of sources to learn about the places that Dr. King made famous. Depending on the grade level you can assist in a number of ways, including a two-column match, or possibly a fill-in worksheet. Older students can be left to their own devices.

Then, have them enter a star next to the cities that were important in Dr. King’s life on a large map and notate the map with the significant event martin king luther jr images.

Finally, have the children explain to you the various locations and why they are significant in the life of Dr. King.

I Have a Dream Speech

Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech is one of the most well known in the history of the world. It is powerful and should go a long way in inspiring your students to achieve greatness in their own life.

This Martin Luther King Day activity can be completed with minimal teacher supplies. It is an activity that your students are sure to enjoy, regardless of grade level. Also, this is another activity you can have students do alone, in pairs, or in groups depending on the grade level and sophistication of the students.

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